After completing a degree in Cinema from USC and studying at Art Center in Los Angeles majoring in photography, I set out to build my career. Some of my earliest clients were the Seattle Times Pictorial and Sunset Magazine. For several years I worked doing annual reports and capabilities brochures for such companies as Boeing, Wells Fargo Bank, Nordstom and Bachardi Rum. I also worked for many magazines like Life, Fortune and Nautical Quarterly. In 1980 Pacific Search Press published the very successful book, "Seattle, Photography by David Barnes".  It was the recipient of the Governor's Book Award. Starting in 1983 I began going to Europe more and more, until I finally moved there. I lived in a number of different places, the last being Paris, which I will always love. Since my return to Seattle in 2008 I have been working primarily on personal projects, one of which is "Seattle Illuminated". I now live in West Seattle and can be reached at If you have a question or comment, write me, I'd love to hear from you.

David Barnes